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dude dont touch my cape: When Your Writing Feels Bad/Bland


Four things:

  1. Keep writing. This might seem like a no brainer, but it’s much harder to actually do than it is to talk about doing. Writing breeds writing, and, like in anything else, practicing is how you improve. Nothing but nothing is going to get you where you want to be as a writer faster than actually, honest-to-goodness writing.
  2. Actively pursue better writing. Read authors who you admire and take notes on what you like about their work. Expand your vocabulary and practice varying your sentence structure. Work on word choice. Drag yourself outside of your comfort zone. Working toward improvement instead of telling yourself you’re bad (we know how I feel about “bad”) is much more productive.
  3. Edit and rewrite. Acknowledge that no one can write a perfect manuscript on their first draft and you’ll be much happier. Give yourself permission to suck. Just get your ideas down on paper, then go back later and make your edits.
  4. Find someone whose critiques you respect. That means this person needs to be someone who gives good critiques and someone from whom you can take critique. If you’re comfortable with hearing another person’s opinions on your work, getting a solid second opinion is a great way to improve your writing.

If you can do those things, you’ve got this writing thing in the bag!

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Quietly Thinking Aloud: andywooo: nevvzealand: if horrific means horrible why does terrific...




if horrific means horrible why does terrific not mean terrible i hate the english language


terrific used to be to terrible as horrific is to horrible

but then around 1809 it started being more just like something really big that happened, like something really severe

and then i dont know what the fuck happened in 1888 but thats the first record of it being used as a good thing

anyway point is

language evolves and i think thats really cool and not a reason to hate the english language at all!

“Awesome” and “awful” have a similar story.

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The Closet Monster: How to make a story based around a character




  1. Pick an emotion to be your character’s default emotion.This will help color your character’s voice and make them more of a complete, congruent human being than a list of traits.
  2. Give them something you’re insecure about. This will be your character’s internal conflict. Avoid balancing it by giving your character a trait of yours you’re proud of. The idea is to make a character you can relate to the issues of, not an author avatar.
  3. Find traits, hobbies, and quirks that other people have that are interesting, but not really your thing. For example, I’m not a scuba diver, but I do think it’s an interesting thing for people to do. Those kinds of things make your character unique.
  4. Figure out two things your new character wants. One should be a concrete motivation, like “the girl he loves” or “the magic spheres of Punco.” The other should be a motivation that by its nature can never be completely fulfilled, like “more happiness” or “more power.”
  5. Give your character at least one major flaw. This should be something readers won’t think is adorable. Shallowness, megalomania, self-hatred, and indecisiveness are good examples of flaws. Clumsiness, ugliness, being “too heroic,” and being “too much of a dreamer” are not good examples of flaws.
  6. Take your character’s concrete motivation and put it as far away from your character as possible. Make it so hard to get that your character seems to have no chance. Other characters can arrive to help or harm your main character on his or her journey.
  7. Be sure to change your character during the story. Watch out, though, when altering your character’s abstract motivation and default emotion, because you can make them an entirely different person instead of a different version of the same person. Make sure that by the end of the story, your character still has flaws.
  8. Bam. Instant story. Proceed to rake in the millions tens.

A post I submitted to The London Magazine’s Tumblr a few days ago. :)

This is… pretty much how I’m able to RP Miror B. so damned well…

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WriteWorld: Fantasy World Maps


A map, you say? Well, here’s this article on city design by Jon Roberts of Fantastic Maps. Here’s another from him on how to design a town and another on worldbuilding using maps. That last one might be the most useful to you.

Here are a few more how-tos on fantasy map-making:

Want more? Here are some articles on Fantasy genre development that might pique your interest!

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